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🏠| Moving to St Petersburg, Fl | Saint Petersburg, FL

October 19, 2021

Florida attracts 1,000 new residents per day, and the pandemic has not slowed the pace. If you have thought about moving to a new city in 2021, consider St. Petersburg, FL. St Petersburg has quickly evolved into an art and culture city. The 2020 census estimates St Petersburg’s population at around 271,000 residents.

New residents quickly find themselves adopting the city moniker, “I love the burg!” Primarily an industrial port city throughout the 20th century, St Petersburg sports many refurbished warehouses in the Grand Central District. Many of the warehouses have now been converted into local breweries, including vodka distilleries. New residents move to St Petersburg, FL, looking for things to do while exploring. Local artists looking for blank canvases have found ideal mural platforms on the exterior walls, contributing to a vibrant mural art scene throughout the city.

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Where is St Petersburg Florida?

If you are looking to buy a home in St Petersburg, Florida, you’ll want to know where the city is located. St Petersburg is situated on Tampa Bay and can be found in Pinellas County, which is about 20 miles south of Clearwater. The city has a population of around 260,000 with the metro area containing over 1 million people. It’s close proximity to beaches and other attractions make it an attractive place for relocation. 

The weather patterns vary depending on what time of year it is but locals typically experience warm winters and hot summers with temperatures ranging from 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). 

If you’re interested in moving your family here or if you’re planning a

A Dog Friendly City

How dog-friendly of a city is St Petersburg? Full of lots of places to socialize with your best friend, St Petersburg stands out among dog friendly cities! Words cannot describe how just how dog-friendly, so the best option is to give an example of one of the most dog-friendly places in St Petersburg. On any given Friday night, dog owners of St Petersburg can be found enjoying happy hour at The Dog Bar located on Central Avenue in the Grand Central District.

Dog-Friendly 'Luxury Apartments'

St Petersburg is one of Florida’s most dog-friendly cities, offering several luxury apartments that are dog-friendly and located conveniently along Central Ave. Come live the high life with your best paw friend in tow.

St Pete Talk | Real Estate Agent | Dalton Wade | 260 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 | 813-758-0892 | https://stpetetalk.com | https://g.page/stpetetalk?share
St Pete Talk | Real Estate Agent | Dalton Wade |
St Pete Talk | Real Estate Agent | Dalton Wade | 260 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 | 813-758-0892 | https://stpetetalk.com | https://g.page/stpetetalk?share

About the City of St Petersburg : St Pete

Located along the waterfront facing easterly, the City of St Petersburg has become an artist conclave with its many murals and has become highly dog-friendly. St Petersburg has no shortage of museums, including the Dali (Salvador Dali Museum). Modern living in St Petersburg offers many outdoor things to do, including the newest local attraction, the new St Pete Pier. Locals enjoy direct access to St Pete Beach.  One of the most significant redevelopment projects in the Tampa Bay region is St Petersburg’s new Tropicana Field development near downtown St Petersburg. The project is estimated to cost $85 billion and feature a new baseball stadium and commercial and residential buildings.

St Pete: a Forward-thinking City

Unlike other small cities in the United States adopting smart transit options, St Petersburg’s officials have adopted a forward-thinking car-free strategy. Residents living in one of the many waterfront condos for sale in St Petersburg can live car-free and still be able to enjoy going to St Pete Beach on the new SunRunner rapid-bus transit.

Living in St Petersburg

The city is rapidly growing with a population of 250,000 residents and is working on becoming a carfree city by offering a new rapid bus service called SunRunner that will operate from downtown St Petersburg to St Pete Beach. The West Central district would hold the walking zone for sidewalks, bike lanes, and more. Living life in Downtown is easy! You’ll find St Pete to be one of Flordia’s most exciting cities with Art, entrepreneurship, and fine living awaiting you right here by keeping things local.

St Pete Public Transportation, Building A Car-Free City

St Pete has become an earlier adopter of car-free smart design. As of 2021, four residential towers are under construction that will promote car-free living in downtown St Pete and offer easy access to St Pete Beach. Future condominium residents of the new construction initiative, Reflection St Petewill enjoy the benefits of a new and state-of-the-art rapid transit system in downtown St Pete. Current residents of the Saltaire and One St Petersburg condos in downtown St Pete already enjoy the benefits of a car-free lifestyle.

Looking for St Pete Homes in car-free areas?

Buildings Named After Presidents: Public Libraries

The City of St Petersburg, Florida, has entered the club of naming public buildings after former United States presidents. One of the first public buildings in Pinellas County, Florida, to carry a former president’s name is the St Petersburg Main Library. The St Pete library was renamed after the 44th US President Barack Obama in February of 2021, having served the community for 55 years. The library has undergone extensive modernization better to serve the public in the modern digital age. The City is honoring President Obama’s public service as president from 2008 through 2016 and to communities he has served throughout his lifetime by renaming the Main St Pete Library building after him.

St. Pete library renamed for former President Barack Obama
St. Pete library renamed for former President Barack Obama