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Real Estate Accreditations

Tony Smith is a local real estate agent with Dalton Wade Real Estate Group in downtown St Petersburg, Florida and he is the producer of the local real estate blog St Pete Talk about St Pete homes and the agents who sell them.   His blog is not affiliated with Dalton Wade.   Tony is an experienced real estate agent and he is an accredited business recognized by state agencies in the real estate profession including the Florida DBPR and he has been recognized as having achieved real estate broker status in 2016 and community association manager licensing in 2013. 

Professional Licensing

  • Florida Realtor
  • 2014 – 2021- ActiveFlorida DBPR: Florida Real Estate Broker
  • 2021 – Active: Florida DBPR: Florida Community Association Manager
  • Active: Florida, Department of State: Florida Notary

Loan Signing Agent

Tony Smith is also a licensed Florida Notary conducting loan signings in St Petersburg, Florida.  He previously closed 275 real estate closings in Broward County, Florida and he now brings that experience to advise in the mortgage forbearance crisis. 

Local Real Estate Agency

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St Pete Talk | Real Estate Agent | Dalton Wade | 260 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 | 813-758-0892 | https://stpetetalk.com | https://g.page/stpetetalk?share

Local St Pete real estate agent Tony Smith from Dalton Wade Real Estate Group offers full-service real estate services, including advising first-time homebuyers about the competitive St Petersburg real estate market. He is also an experienced listing agent helping homeowners determine the market value of their St Pete home. 


Business Hours

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Service areas throughout St Petersburg, Fl