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Real Estate Consulting Agency | Saint Petersburg, FL

Finding your dream St Pete home in 2021 is an exciting undertaking. However, getting to the closing table can be challenging in the St Petersburg real estate market. As real estate consultants, we advise homebuyers on what to expect when buying or selling a home. By performing due diligence consultants protect the rights and opportunities of the parties they represent.  real estate consulting

During this time, the buyer’s agent’s responsibility is to make due diligence recommendations to the home buyer, such as applying for the First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit and facilitating the purchase of a home in mortgage forbearance.

According to the home estate appraisal, buying a home in Florida requires various experts in their field.

Real Estate Consulting Services | St Petersburg, Fl

Buying a home in St Pete requires due diligence from a real estate consultant who acts in the home buyer’s best interest. If you are wondering what a buyer’s agent does, an agent will perform commercial due diligence in the following areas, among others:

  • Property permit searches
  • Property survey
  • Flood-zone risk analysis
  • How to reduce your insurance costs

Due Diligence Consultants | St Petersburg Fl

Tony Smith is a foreclosure real estate agent with 7 years of experience. He helped homeowners navigate their last few months in mortgage forbearance and list their homes for sale to get buyouts from the bank.  He understands how emotional this can be, which is why he takes his time as your advisor and guide you through the process. For more information, call Tony Smith at (813) 758-0892.

Foreclosure Moratorium Ending

Homeowners are living in foreclosures until the end of mortgage forbearance on June 30, 2020.  Forbearance is a period where the homeowner can continue to make deferred mortgage payments and stay in their home without it being put up for auction or sale. Mortgage loan servicers have been more proactive about resolving homeowners’ mortgages before they reach that deadline; however, forbearance is limited. The first mortgage crisis didn’t even exist at all but now there’s just much a greater sense of awareness about what happens when owners go into foreclosure or defaulting on their home because no one’s taking care of them.

Understanding Mortgage Forbearance

The CARES Act provides a mortgage payment forbearance for many people impacted by the COVID virus and its aftermath. Forbearance allows homeowners to pause a home’s mortgage so that they have more time to make monthly payments while coping with their new life perspective. This is an opportunity to get back on their feet as they start toward a better future. If you own your house or are trying to buy one, consider forbearance instead of giving up on your dreams!

Real Estate Consulting Agency | St Petersburg, Fl

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Tony Smith, a real estate agent at the Dalton Wade real estate agency, offers consultations related to mortgage forbearance and how to sell your home. When Congress passes the new first-time homebuyer tax credit program, home buyers looking for homes in St Pete in 2021 will find a competitive housing market. Still, a local real estate consultant can offer insider St Pete home buying strategies. Our office is centrally located downtown in the Waterfront Arts District of St Petersburg near the new St Pete Pier. We offer real estate consulting services to homeowners related to first-time homebuyers, VA homebuyers, estate appraisals, and mortgage forbearance. With offices located in downtown St Pete, we consult homeowners locally and throughout Pinellas County, Florida.


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