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November 29, 2021

Local St Petersburg real estate agent Tony Smith is advising homeowners how to sell their homes successfully and get the most home value out of their properties. With all the changes that have come with bankruptcies, foreclosures, and pandemic in 2021, we offer the expertise to both market your home and keep it rented during mortgage forbearance. The pandemic forever changed how houses were sold. We know what works with first-time buyers so check us out!

Ready to Sell Your Home Fast?

Digital Real Estate Marketing​

Digital Real Estate Marketing to Sell Your Home Fast! With the recent economic changes, we’ve seen homebuyers turn more and more to technology in their quest for a new place to live. As a result, realtors have increasingly ditched traditional marketing campaigns like neighborhood open houses for digital marketing strategies that reach hundreds of potential buyers at once. The pandemic of 2020 resulted in an abundance of web accessed homes coming on the market—including yours—and left many struggling real estate agents behind without the right skillsets. Would you ask your neighbor who is barely paying rent month-to-month if they’re up for listing your property? No way! Our team at Dalton Wade has experience handling difficult markets and knows how important it is to make sure!

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

“It’s crunch time! Now that you’ve found the perfect new place or want to move to a bigger home, it is time for your St Pete house sale. Here are our best tips for preparing the sell process.”

How Much Is Your Home Worth?

“Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or just spot an opportunity, we can help evaluate your home’s fair market value based on all of your external factors as well as comparable properties. Go ahead and get our professional home value estimate to feel confident about your decision!”

Ready to Learn the Market Value of your St Pete Home?

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Home Prices for Pinellas County increased by 19% | August 2021

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Top Listing Agent: Responsibilities

The St Pete listing agent will utilize advanced digital marketing to highlight your home. We know how important it is to make sure that our listings can be seen by the widest range of buyers possible. We offer you an initial consultation to understand the unique features and needs of every kitchen, bathroom, yard, or sleeping space so we can present your home exactly as you wish. And because time isn’t always on our side – we don’t waste a minute when we put together a custom plan for marketing your home quickly!

St Pete Talk | Real Estate Agent | Dalton Wade | 260 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 | 813-758-0892 | https://stpetetalk.com | https://g.page/stpetetalk?share
St Pete Talk | Real Estate Agent | Dalton Wade |

How St Pete Talk Will Sell Your Home Fast

  1. St Pete Talk will submit your home’s listing to our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for professional exposure for your property.
  2. We will utilize local professional photography with a minimum of 75 quality digital photos to tell the story of your home.  
  3. Aerial photography is available in certain areas in compliance with federal regulations.
  4. Your home will have a customized virtual tour or video commercial of the home and placed on our St Pete Talk’s, YouTube channel.
  5. Across the ‘St Pete Talk’ brand, your home’s listing video will be syndicated on FacebookTwitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and other digital media outlets.
  6. In collaboration with our international real estate partners, your home listing is internationally featured on Realtor.com, WorldProperties.com, LuxuryPortfolio.com, LeadingRE.com, Mayfair International, and in Canada. 
  7. Graphic designers from St Pete Talk will create a personalized property flyer online to keep at your home for prospective buyers to take with them at showings.  
  8. Getting Your Home Ready to Sell?  St Pete Talk will introduce you to a home stage for a consultation.
  9.   Full staging services may be available – ask for details.
  10. We will place a custom yard sign with our agency contact information and St Pete Talk’s phone number that is answered.
  11. St Pete Talk’s website is enabled with full lead capture dedicated specifically to your property.  
  12. Online Color flyer or brochure with photos of your home for buyers to take with them after they are shown your home.
  13. Your home will be featured in St Pete Talk, with a professionally written blog post on your home with pictorial and video inserts that will be featured on our website which outranks every other Realtor website in the area.
  14. Using digital real estate marketing your home listing will be syndicated to over 800 searchable websites and 125,000+ agent websites worldwide.
  15. St Pete Talk leverages the use of postcards to the closest 100 neighbors letting them know your home is listed.
  16. Periodic ads will be run (depending on publication dates and deadlines) in press releases issued by St Pete Talk on our Company’s news page.
  17. More digital marketing with Coming soon and Just Listed custom Facebook ads and promoted posts put your home in front of tens of thousands of people who aren’t on Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc.  See an example here.   Note the interaction amongst prospective buyers.  
  18. Mass email platform allows us to send your home to our database  plus the 5,000+ members of the Pinellas Realtor Organization and track who is viewing it, clicking, etc. so we can follow up appropriately.
  19. Your home will be featured on our search engine optimized website St Pete Talk that outranks all other area’s real estate agent websites. 
  20. Broker’s Open & Private Broker Tours are heavily promoted with refreshments served.  
  21. We will set up and screening all showings via a showing service to maximize accessibility.
  22. You will have access to our assistant/transaction coordinator and full-time buyer’s agents.
  23. We will ensure that only qualified buyers are touring your home.
  24. Our pricing strategy will keep you apprised with real estate market reports to keep you updated on the newest competitors and sales in your neighborhood.
  25. Anxious about the home selling or buying process?  We will stay in constant contact with you with weekly updates.
  26. We will handle all real estate contracts and paperwork including our listing agreement to construct ally list your home for sale.
  27. We provide a professional ‘contract to close’ team who will stay in touch with you and explain each step of the process from contract to closing.  This person will coordinate the home inspection process with home buyers and their agents, the home appraisal process is handled by the home buyer’s lender and the appraiser is independent of the listing and buyer’s agents, any repair requests, etc.
  28. We will represent you during negotiations and at closing.
  29. Need advice about how to find a home before you list your home for sale?  Our buyer agency team will coordinate the home purchase of next home.  

Selling Your Home While in Mortgage Forbearance

Here at the Dalton Wade Real Estate Group, we understand that St Pete homeowners may not be able to sell their home during this pandemic due to a mortgage forbearance. Give us a call so we can show you how selling your home when in mortgage forbearance can still work for you with our creative solutions. We’ll help you through each step until finally closing on the sale of your property and getting back on track financially!

Real Estate Listing Agency - St Petersburg Fl

St Pete Talk | Real Estate Agent | Dalton Wade | 260 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 | 813-758-0892 | https://stpetetalk.com | https://g.page/stpetetalk?share
St Pete Talk | Real Estate Agent | Dalton Wade |
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Selling your St Petersburg, Florida home? Need to find the perfect Realtor®? At Dalton Wade Real Estate we specialize in negotiation and service by providing a more personalized real estate brokerage experience. With over 15 years of successful experience in St Pete, we offer a Low-Commission Brokerage Services that can save you thousands of dollars at no upfront fee. For patient sellers who know their local market best, this service is an excellent value for homes where the seller understands its market and willing to invest time into waiting for it to sell themselves with limited or no costs related to hiring us as agents.

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